At the foot of the "staircase" of Serrungarina, entrance to the center of the ancient castle, the restaurant "by Luisa" offers excellent cuisine of the Marche. Ms. Louise, along with daughters Joanna and Stephanie, with professionalism, sensitivity and friendliness make it ideal place to promote pride in the simplicity of a local population to receive his great heart in an intimate and elegant.



We start with bruschetta, crostini, wraps Marche, local meats and cheeses or Sardinian shepherds who settled in the area, grows vegetables and omelettes stuffed with various.

The proposal of the former is rich and pastas are all handmade. These include polenta, heel cushions (of flour mixed with wheat and beans) with bacon and tomato lasagne, passatelli or Capulets in broth, in the summer with artichokes and pecorino cheese, wheat gnocchi with eggplant and fresh tomatoes , spinach and ricotta ravioli, tortelloni, tagliatelle noodles.





Following the latter, accompanied by seasonal side dishes: stuffed rabbit, rabbit farming (stewed with tomatoes), or pork (with fennel and potatoes), the botched (meat stew with tomato and carnation nails), l ' duck with wild fennel, roast duck, lamb and chicken fried in frico; the roast. Tripe and stockfish.





For dessert: homemade trifle, jam tarts with own production, potato cake with almonds and raisins, "straccadenti" desserts.
Wine: mostly regional or local labels.
Among the digestive, "the carter" made with anise, vermouth and bitter, according to ancient recipes.
The draw from the well-known oil production in the valley.
Last specialty: "pear Angelica", delicious summer fruit, whose culture sees Serrungarina the unique site of production.